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Video Services

Schnebly Hill offers AZ Video Production services in both 4k and HD cinema quality video with professional studio sound, for a variety of clients and projects! Schnebly Hill has professional lighting, green-screen capabilities, professional video editing software, and years of video editing experience to make your project look professional. If you need Arizona video production services for corporate video, event video, legacy video, music video, and more, Schnebly Hill is exactly what you’re looking for. Contact Schnebly Hill Recorders for a quote within minutes!




Schnebly Hill provides AZ Photography, and has three professional photographers on staff, including Angela Voita, Allen Butler, and Johnson Smith. Each of these photographers is a well trained professional with years of experience in personal, residential, corporate, and private photography. Photography Services from Schnebly Hill Recorders is second to none, and our photography services are many time less expensive that of other studios. If you need professional Photography Services in and around the greater Phoenix Metropolitan areas, you’ll be delighted with the service, quality, timeliness, and professionalism of your photographer from Schnebly Hill Recorders. Contact Schnebly Hill Recorders for Arizona Photography Services and we’ll get you a quote in just minutes!


Audio Production

Schnebly Hill provides AZ Audio Recording services that range from recording sessions of full jazz suites to solo artists, audio restoration services, and voice over narration. Our multi-room studios are set up to accommodate large bands, worship teams, or intimate solo sessions with a singer and guitarist. Our staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, professional, and sympathetic to your artistic needs, and our equipment is world class. We capture all audio at full resolution, in high definition digital with state of the art converters from Lynx Audio Systems. Our Steinberg Nuendo production suite is perfectly suited to mix large sessions with unlimited tracks, and we have a host of top quality plug ins from Universal Audio and Waves Audio, as well as an analogue front end that ensures a clean, punchy sound that is sonically pleasing to the ears. Contact Schnebly Hill Recorders for booking and session info. Schnebly Hill Recorders Audio Recording is only $35 per hour.

Our Latest Blog Post

Arizona Surgical Photography

3--Hybrid OR LR-9544Arizona surgical photography is a rather specialized niche market, and one which Schnebly Hill fell into quite accidentally. As you may have noticed, Schnebly Hill has many medical and health care related clients, for which we provide video production services, photography services, and audio production services. Serving in the health care industry, there are many opportunities for media production, if you can form trusted relationships with good clients. One such client of Schnebly Hill is Sun Health Corporation. Sun Health is one of the largest health care service providers in Arizona, with many campi and service branches. Banner Health is closely related to Sun Health (in some unfathomable, tangential way), so when Banner Health requires the services that Schnebly Hill provides, we get the call.