Video Services

Schnebly Hill Media offers Arizona Video Production services in both Ultra HD 4k and HD resolution with professional studio sound, for a variety of clients and projects! Schnebly Hill has all the lighting, green-screen capabilities, software, and years of video editing experience required to make your project look its best. Contact Schnebly Hill Recorders for a same-day quote!


AZ Architectural PhotographerPhotography

Schnebly Hill Media provides Arizona event, portrait, and architectural photography. Schnebly Hill Media provides fast turn around, and is less expensive than competing firms. Image quality is top notch, and the images (all of them) are YOURS, in perpetuity. If you need professional Photography Services in and around the greater Phoenix Metropolitan areas, you’ll be delighted with the service, quality, timeliness, and professionalism of your photographer from Schnebly Hill Recorders. Contact Schnebly Hill Recorders for Arizona Photography Services and we’ll get you a same-day quote!


Arizona Studio RecordingAudio Production

Schnebly Hill Media also provides Arizona Audio Recording services that range from recording sessions of full jazz suites to solo artists, audio restoration services, and voice over narration. Our staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, professional, and sympathetic to your artistic needs, and our equipment is world class. We capture all audio at full resolution, in high definition digital with state of the art converters from Lynx Audio Systems. Contact Schnebly Hill Recorders for booking and session info. Schnebly Hill Recorders Audio Recording is only $45 per hour.

Our Latest Blog Post

How Long Should Your Corporate Video Be?

Much of the latest internet research indicates that your audience’s attention span is getting smaller and smaller. Marketing specialists insist that your business messaging should be very short and to the point. What about your corporate video? Should your corporate video be pared down to 30 seconds, and not more than 2 minutes? Well, that depends upon several factors.